HVAC Has Been a Boon to Mankind

Air conditioning saved our life! The other day I was outside doing some gardening around the house. I knew that my cell phone was telling me would be really hot, so I was sure to turn on our A/C when I got up. There was a nice cooling breeze when I first went to work outside, however as the day wore on Mother Nature was turning the whole of outside into a furnace. Living in the section I do, I am keenly aware the temperature gets severely tepid at times however this week was the biggest heat wave ever. It was too tepid to continue actually working outside so I headed indoors to soak up the a/c. That certain day I was extra thankful that I had purchased a modern, energy efficient Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system because nothing compares to having A/C when it is nearing triple digits outside! That day I had extra time to sit back and relax in the cooling air of our A/C. This was not the first time our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system brought me joy, a few months ago I found myself in a similar situation however instead of the outdoors reminding me of a furnace, it was chilly frosty in the dead of Winter. I had our gas furnace set to keep the house a nice temperature that made our place comfortable and pleasant. I had to go out and shovel our driveway that day. I stumbled through the snow chilly frosty until finally I reached the front door of our gas furnace heated home. I was so content to be in the warmth that day! These are just two of the times when both our gas furnace and A/C systems made me grateful to be alive.



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