Imagine reliving the hardest day of your life, over and over, for the next four years.

After I graduated high school, I was unsure of what to do.

My grades from junior and senior year were pretty poor, so I didn’t get admitted into much of any colleges.

Plus, I had no real job prospects either. With no idea of what to do or where to go, I started working for this freight carrier in town. The warehouse was huge, and had zero heating and air conditioning systems anywhere in the facility! Even the bathrooms were totally untreated by HVAC systems. This meant that summer nights made the work environment intolerably hot, while winter evenings were so cold that pneumonia was a serious risk. I hated working that job! In fact, that job was actually the one that convinced me to become a heating and A/C service technician. After four long years of working in that warehouse, I had managed to find my way out! I spent a year undergoing the certification program to become an HVAC specialist, and successfully passed! I was able to find work almost immediately as part of a local contracting team. The day I was able to turn in my badge at that warehouse, I was smiling ear to ear! Instead of working in an environment with no heating or air conditioning, I would now be adding or repairing the HVAC systems all over town! Not to mention, all of this knowledge would be immensely beneficial to have when I had issues at home. If my own heating and A/C system started acting out, I would know just how to fix it!

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