The ductwork has needed a cleaning for several years now

This house has been through several hurricanes, countless spring seasons, and even an infestation of bees! While we’ve cleaned this house from top to bottom, we’ve never actually thought to clean the ductwork of the house.

That changed recently, when we had a routine inspection performed by a local heating and A/C service company.

The HVAC service technician that inspected our systems said he found a lot of dirt and dust under the ductwork vents. With that in mind, he said it would be wise for us to have our air ducts thoroughly cleansed. We asked when he could perform the service, and he said he could handle it right then! After going back to his truck to grab the tools and machines needed to clean the ducts out, he came back inside and explained how he’d be cleaning out the ductwork. After about half an hour, the technician came back to us and said the service was complete. We could tell, because the air quality already seemed to be improved. Ever since that ductwork cleaning was performed, we’ve noticed the air quality in our home has improved even more! My husband doesn’t have difficulty breathing like he used to in this house, and I don’t have to dust half as often anymore. With this incredible air quality to work with, my husband and I are definitely going to be on the ball about scheduling ductwork cleanings every six months. I don’t think we’ll see the huge difference like we did today by doing that, but we’ll ensure the air stays nice and clean!

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