Prefer the morning yoga class

I take a yoga class at the body wellness center in town.

There is a morning session and an afternoon session that are done by different personal fitness trainers.

The morning class is the one I strive to go to. It is great getting a workout in before I go to work. I feel so much more refreshed and motivated to start my day. I like that I can go home at the end of the work day as well. The rest of the day is mine to do what I please. The morning yoga instructor is amazing too. The guy makes the class really intense. We do weight lifting, body holds and sometimes he turns up the thermostat to sweat us out. The morning class is about toning our bodies and waking up in the morning. He is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and makes it a great way to start my day. Sometimes I can’t make myself get up earlier enough to do the class. I choose to lay in bed for that extra hour. I then have to pack a bag and go from work to my fitness class. It makes my day feel so much longer. I also am not a fan of the afternoon class. The woman who does the yoga class focuses more on relaxation and stress management. We do a lot of breathing drills, stretching and finding our inner peace. I get bored or nod off during class sometimes. This is my punishment though. I make myself work out everyday. So if I am lazy in the morning, I deserve to do the boring class in the afternoon.

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