Missed my chance to do a fitness class

I missed my chance to do a group fitness class and I have regretted it terribly.

For our anniversary I took my husband to a fancy hotel for the weekend. The hotel is known as a big golf, luxury resort. My husband played multiple rounds of golf while I went to the spa. We then met later at the pool and just enjoyed the sunshine. The hotel fitness center was incredible. There were tons of machines to choose from and even a separate area to stretch with walls of mirrors. I noticed that early in the morning the hotel offered a different fitness class led by a certified fitness expert. One day it was yoga, the next day was a spin class and the last day I was there was a weight training class. I thought about taking the class. I was lazy however and did not want to ask the front desk. I figured it would cost a lot and be too early for me to attend. After I went home I researched a bit about the hotel. Turns out the fitness class is factored into my hotel fees. The class would have been free! The classes also were offered right when I worked out everyday. I literally was there on time everyday in order to do the class. I read up on the fitness instructors that do the classes too. They are highly qualified professionals in their field. I definitely should have taken at least one of the classes. I have missed a very unique and amazing experience. Now I want to try a fitness class somewhere in my town.

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