Changing up my workouts

I will admit it, I am nuts about working out.

I never take a day off to let my body rest.

I also am crazy about changing the style of work out I do. I am a firm believer of muscle confusion. If you do any work out long enough, your body learns how to do it easier. If you only run for a workout, after awhile you see no more weight loss progress. Men who only lift weights have strong arms, but pudgy bellies. I do a tumbling based work out most of the time. I change the gymnastic skill I work on to keep the work outs fresh. Sometimes I do only handstands and that just kills my arms. Sometimes I am doing all back handsprings to build shoulders. When I do back tucks my abs and butt are sore the next day. I do however go on the occasional run or only let myself lift weights. When I am super motivated I will pop over to the local core progression and take a fitness class. That is a great way to keep me motivated working out. I like talking to the fitness expert about drills I do for my body. I also get something new to try out. I always leave class sore too. I then realize what area of my body has not been working enough. The fitness class works those neglected muscles and rests the ones I work all the time. I fully recommend any workout psycho like myself to try a class every now and then. It is fun and a great way to learn.

Group Physical Training Classes