A good work out before bed

I am a 3rd shift worker who works at a computer processing center.

I work from Midnight to 7am Monday through Friday.

What I do is process data and things from many different business across the city. This includes payroll for companies as well as inventory numbers for a lot of retail outlet stores. After work every other day I go to my local gym and have a work out in the morning. It’s a good refreshing thing to keep in shape. Most people do workout classes and go to gyms when they wake up. But for me, it is the reverse and has become a before bedtime thing. This is because my hours are different than the average person. I bought this yearly gym membership about 4 months ago. And let me tell you it is really great for me! I have been losing a lot of weight and been feeling more energetic. Having a job like I do where you are sitting all the time makes you get lazy and overweight. This is why I had thought to get the gym membership in the first place and go there every other day. Some days we have semi-private work out classes. Those days really are enjoyable. I skip the regular work out classes because they are later in the day when I am sleeping. Then on the days that they do not have the work out classes, I just work out myself at the gym. All around, I am keeping in good shape and good health for the most.


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