Taking care of little cats

It was a few months back when our partner and I decided to get a kitten.

There was this guy on craigslist who said his cats just had a litter of kittens that they were giving away for a small fee, so both of us went to check it out.

When both of us went to his home, I realized instantaneously that the air quality was absolutely exhausting in the place. I supposed that was what you get when you have a bunch of creatures, a ton of pet dander. I couldn’t imagine what the air filter must have looked like, and I didn’t even want to ask. I wanted to just choice a kitten out with our partner and be gone. Well, she didn’t want to settle on just a single kitten, she enjoyed them all. I told her that both of us couldn’t take care of a bunch of kittens because it would put stress on the Heating and A/C method and both of us would have to change the air filter every single week, but she didn’t care, she enjoyed them, and finally both of us ended up taking 3 kittens. I have to admit, those cats have absolutely grown on me, however they do shed a lot and I do have to change the air filter more often. It’s truly once per month now instead of every other month, so I’m not complaining too much about that. The cats are adorable, and they have made us so much happier in our lives. I don’t even mind taking care of the litter box, but I do wonder how much more they will shed when they are full grown cats. When both of us get to that time, I will honestly have to change the air filter every 2 weeks. I think both of us will see how it goes when both of us get there.

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