I am always warning people about carbon monoxide poisoning

My brother entirely died when I was a youngster.

It saddens myself and others to my core and I will always remember his influence on my life, everybody loved my brother and I hear all the time from his outdated friends even to this day how much they miss him, then he died in a absolutely messed up way that could have been avoided.

It was during a massive snowstorm and he was trying to be somewhere. He kept trying to shovel the snow to make a path for his motorcar and he had the heating method working in the car. Eventually, he became actually fatigued from all the shoveling and he decided to take a split in the motorcar so that he could hot up with the furnace. The problem was, the rear tail pipe became restrained up with snow and then carbon monoxide made its way into the car. The carbon monoxide caused him to pass out and then eventually he died. It was the saddest time of our lives when my brother died, and I vowed that I would try to help prevent people from dying of carbon monoxide. I tell people all the time to be absolutely careful in the Winter time months to make sure that their exhaust is not restrained in their cars, but you always want to make sure it’s clear before you turn on your furnace, otherwise there will be carbon monoxide inside. I even tell people to change their air filters so that their heating method doesn’t overheat and cause the heat exchanger in the Heating and A/C to crack. That will leak carbon monoxide. I also propose that people get geothermal Heating and A/C systems, which pulls the heating energy from below the surface and there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning!

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