My face masks have the same material in them as my vacuum filters

I underestimated how long it would take to paint my house.

The last time I had picked up a brush was decades ago.

I was helping my parents paint the guest bedroom in their two-story house. Thinking that I could handle the job without their assistance, I painted half of the room before I realized I forgot to tape anything off that might be exposed. Things like light switches, electrical outlets, and trim had splotches of paint where I should have laid tape. Thankfully the paint had not fully cured so I could wipe away the excess from the places I tried to avoid. Once I had taped the room and restarted the chore, the process was much easier. I was simply lucky that I had not gone any further with my mistakes and by the end of the process the room looked decent. With this memory distant in my mind, I didn’t realize how much time it would take for me to complete painting my entire house. I have a full time job and a few hobbies so I don’t have the most free time in the world. There was one process that I omitted last time and that was wearing a face mask. Even if you keep your air conditioning running or your windows open, you’re going to be exposed to air with toxic fumes that could potentially make you sick. Upon learning this, I went to the store and bought face masks in the paint aisle. Oddly enough, these new face masks have HEPA rated filtration. Not only does my vacuum also utilize a HEPA filter, but so does my central air conditioner. When I learned they filter 99.9% of all pathogens out of the air, I was sold.

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