Everything takes time

I underestimated exactly how long it would take to paint my house.

The last time I had picked up a brush was decades ago.

I was helping my parents paint the guest family room in their two-story house. Thinking that I could handle the job without their help from the start, I painted half of the room before I realized I forgot to tape anything off that might be exposed. Things care about light switches, electrical outlets, & trim had splotches of paint where I should have put down some tape. Thankfully the paint had not fully cured so I could wash away the excess from the sites I tried to avoid. Once I had taped the room & restarted the chore, the process was ten times easier. I was simply fortunate that I had not gone any further with my mistakes & by the end of the process the room looked decent. With this memory distant in my mind, I didn’t realize how much time it would take for me to finish up painting my entire house. I have a full time job & a few hobbies so I don’t have the most free time in the world. There was 1 process that I omitted last time & that was wearing a face mask. Even if you hold onto your a/c running or your windows open, you’re going to be exposed to air with toxic fumes that could perhaps make you sick. Upon studying this, I went to the store & obtained face masks in the paint aisle. Oddly enough, these modern face masks have HEPA rated filtration. Not only does my vacuum also utilize a HEPA filter, but so does my central a/c system. When I l gained they filter 99.9% of all pathogens out of the air, I was sold.
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