Just give me a refund already

They gave me all this unnecessary flack left in addition to right about it

Don’t you hate it when you buy something costly at a store in addition to then find out it’s broken? It happens. The two of us have to sit down and confess that most of the time it’s not the fault of the store! Factory defects in addition to things happen that you couldn’t expect. But when they do happen you should be able to return the product to the same exact store with ease in addition to not have a major headache in addition to many hoops to jump through! I recently bought a brand new Epson printer for myself that did not work right. I had bought the Epson printer from the local laptop store. I honestly don’t suppose that it was a good idea going to Target in addition to Walmart for laptop things because I am constantly sad with them when I would get poor products. But this happened at our laptop store! Whenever I went to return the Epson printer for an exchange, however, they gave me all kinds of hassle. They said that there was no way that the high quality Epson printer could have been faulty love I was telling them. They gave me all this unnecessary flack left in addition to right about it. I almost punched the rep in the face that day when he was so darn rude about it! Finally, as I was about to walk out in addition to calling our local bank to report fraud on our credit card, the supervisor came out in addition to finally reprimanded the rude employee in addition to getting me the well-earned exchange I advised for the broken Epson printer. He gave me another high quality Epson printer that was a little more costly for no additional cost.

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