It’s more than necessary

I had signed up for a special deal not too long ago with a local printing service to print up signs in addition to posters for the high quality office I work in. And I miscalculated how several signs in addition to massive posters I was absolutely going to need. It turned out I only needed about half of what I first signed up for. I had to see what I could do to work something out to where I actually did not have to pay for the extra half of signs in addition to posters to save my butt. Thankfully, they were not printed yet or there would have been absolutely nothing I could have done. Since the signs in addition to posters were not fully printed yet in addition to this was shortly after the initial order. When I called, I told them I simply didn’t need the deal anymore that I accidentally signed up for in addition to if they could please just understand my plea in addition to refund me the difference. Actually, it was refunding the massive company, which I represent. Because the man in charge at the printing services already had this happen to them personally in the past, they broke their cardinal rule of once the deal was set there was no turning back. He was actually a really nice guy in addition to he understood all about human error in addition to miscalculating the original need of a particular amount of signs in addition to posters! I was so glad about this. This guy working at the printing service completely saved the day! I was so grateful to him that day. I’d have bought him supper if I could have.


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