New HVAC Replaces Trusted Old One

It’s been coming for some time now.

I can’t say as I surprised because I have been dreading it nearly everyday. The last few years I’ve been fully aware that I would be replacing my HVAC. And then there is the weird part. I’m actually sad to see the old heating and cooling unit leave. It’s like saying goodbye to a friend. This was the first and only home I have ever purchased. And that old HVAC system out there was brand new when we moved in. I can remember marveling out how cool it kept the house. Or how quickly it could take the chill off a crisp evening. I even remember choosing the unit with the contractor as our home was being built. It was simply the best on the market at the time. But, that’s over with now. The facts are evident. The added service calls and the steady decline in efficiency. Even our young HVAC tech has been gently reminding me that it’s time to move on. So, I am facing facts. I called up our same HVAC contractor from twenty years ago. He had more digital gadgets but spent nearly the same amount of time measuring. He asked me questions and truly listened as I answered. My HVAC man did such a thorough and complete job that I was shocked to get his email the next day. Being the HVAC pro that he is, he didn’t attempt to just sell me something. He did his homework. The heating and cooling contractor sent us 3 prices on 3 different HVAC units. While I will miss my old buddy, I am excited to welcome the next generation of HVAC technology.


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