Transition is Tough the Older We Get

Aging just isn’t the best, not by any measure.

The experience gained is certainly a plus.

But really, I’d give that up for less physical aging. And then there is all the cultural change over the preceding 20 years. You do your best to keep up. But, wow there have been just a lot of changes in such a short period of time. I would even argue that there has been more technological advances now than any other time in history. And it changed the way things worked out. Instead of working in an air conditioned office, I work in a home office. I kind of figured that I would head to the office for the entirety of my career. Then ride off into the sunset of HVAC and lounge chairs. But, things change. Just like my job, my body is changing. I am far more affected by allergies now. Working at home keeps me breathing the same air all the time. It seems like my air is less than desirable. I even called my HVAC pro to see if he had any solutions. The HVAC tech came out with all sorts of tools for measuring the contaminants in my air. As he was moving through my home measuring the air, he asked specific questions. These HVAC specific question were able to narrow the focus for finding the right solution. My heating and cooling professional came up with a good HVAC plan to clean up my air. First, he would install a whole house air purifier to the air handler. Then, he would apply a humidifier. He was certain these efforts would help my allergies.

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