My dog hid the A/C remote on me.

Pets can be a big handful at time.

For example I have a female dog that likes to run and jump and get into just about anything and everything.

However my little, male puppy is quite the opposite of my older female, due to the fact that he is the calmest puppy that I have ever seen, and he truthfully behaves well. I keep my AC remote in the same place all of the time, so when I went to go change the temperature on my A/C and grab it up off of the side table, I was surprised that it was not there. I thought for sure the dogs had taken it and chewed it up someplace. I searched the entire house and found nothing. I was then convinced that I must not have put it back where it was supposed to go, so I looked in the couch cushions and under all of my furniture to see if it was there. I still could not find it, so I decided that I would order a new one. I searched online for my particular air conditioning that I own, and found that the remote would cost about twenty five dollars. I did not want to pay it, even though I figured I did not have a choice because I needed to control the cold air coming out of the vents for the rest of the summer. Just as I was about to click the order button I heard my dog barking, so I went to check on him and found that he was chewing up his dog bed, I was so upset that he did that. I stopped him and I also found a chewed up remote tucked inside the edges of his bed. There was the A/C remote with no use. I like my puppy, even though I was pretty mad at what he did for a couple of hours.

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