Imagine living like this

Our family is pretty fortunate these days.

  • I think this because I came from unquestionably odd circumstances than our kids now enjoy.

I’m just more aware of our privileges. My children definitely don’t have much perspective whenever it comes to the advantages that they have. They get to live in a nice home where the heating & cooling temperatures are consistently comfortable thanks to a huge state of the art HVAC. Plus, our home has multiple amenities that always make life a lot easier to live. But, for our children, this is all they really know. This is where I come in with my own fears about spoiling them. It’s pressing for our kids to think where I came from. That’s why I went out and took them to the house where I grew up. My mother was a single parent and we generally lived with our Grandfather. The people I was with and I were poor. There is definitely no other way to cut it. But, we were fed, clothed, sheltered and ecstatic to have each other. That is the takeaway I want me children to understand. However, what really got them during our visit was the lack of modern HVAC. The house I grew up in had an evaporative cooler or small swamp cooler. This uses natural evaporation to cool the air. It’s a bit better than nothing but not much. The kids were simply speechless whenever I told them about how we dealt with the heat of summer. When we got home that day, almost everyone of them came up to me separately to thank me for the HVAC in our house.

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