The HVAC will make or break it

It is with great pride and joy that I consistently approach what I do for a living. Perhaps that sounds a bit egotistical to state out loud. Honestly, I guess it’s definitely just an authentic perspective to hold really. Real estate is our game and I play it with all of our focus and energy. I can tell you that I don’t simply rest in our HVAC controlled office making calls. I’m out there in the field talking with sellers and customers. Every day is a great day to make a brand new home sale. With that in mind, I do our best to help each seller do the most good with what they have. Sometimes that is met with a bit of pushback. It’s pressing for us all to remember that as a realtor, I am dealing with someone’s home. There is going to be an awful lot of emotional investment in a person’s home. However, there are a few large things that are just not up for negotiation when it comes to selling real estate. One of those highly critical things is the state of the HVAC unit. If the HVAC component is anywhere near 10 years outdated or of less quality, it has to be upgraded. This is not usually great news to give to a seller. A cost outlay such as the HVAC plan is not one that any seller wants to make. Normally, after I go and show them the data, they come around. Good HVAC really helps with the final sale price.



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