Now I can breathe while I work

For me, pressing transitions can be downright grueling to consider.

  • The one I am dealing with now is a great example of how hard life can rapidly get.

Going through the process of completely reimagining how I will consistently make a living is perhaps the toughest thing I have ever had to do. My HVAC customized office is no longer a great place. In its arena is just me, our kindle and a makeshift desk in the nasty little guest room. I’m doing our unquestionably best to market our skills as a consultant in an enduring industry I have spent our life in. Let me tell you, it has been difficult to contend. There are times I just put our face into the HVAC vent to cool myself rapidly from getting emotional due to all this change. My dining room isn’t the best and the indoor air isn’t unquestionably great either. Now that I’m at home this much, I notice. I always knew it wasn’t the HVAC component because it is only just a few years old. The entire house was sealed up so slim to save on the HVAC that the air was recycled and stale. The poor HVAC just keeps turning over the same air in our house and I needed some volume of fresh air. So, I called the HVAC folks to help me out. As you know, they were right there with an answer to our HVAC needs. They installed an HRV vent in the house which pulls in the same amount of fresh air from the outside that the massive HVAC exhausts. Now, I have fresh air being pulled into the house without losing any desirable HVAC efficiency.

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