What happened when I contacted an online marketing business

I hate it when see that the new company is my biggest competition and they are getting more business than I am getting.

I was totally confused about how this new unknown HVAC company was doing so well.

It wasn’t until I looked at their online website that I was able to see what was happening. Their web design was so much better than mine, that I felt sick. I also noticed that they were running a ton of ads. I knew that it was time to hire a digital marketing specialist. I started making some calls and then I searched the internet for digital marketing companies. I wanted to make sure I found a company that would be a good fit for my HVAC company. When I spoke to the digital marketing specialist, he told me that he was the man who was going to get my website back out into the open. After listening to him, I was sure that he would do the job he said he would. My web design was absolute horrible, so he couldn’t make it any worse. I decided to hire him just to see what his SEO service could do for me. He looked at my web page and he said it needed an overhaul. Then he put in a bunch of SEO to make my website more visible. Within a few weeks, I saw a slight hike in my clientele. I was surprised when I found myself hiring more HVAC technicians and purchasing some vans for the business. The digital marketing specialist was expensive, but he has my HVAC company growing again.




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