I am always learning

Last week I graduated from college.  I was so proud of my accomplished, but my Grandpa wasn’t.  I was always the apple of my grandfather’s eye, until I went to school for HVAC.  He thought that my mother was wrong for not teaching me to be a proper wife when I grew up.  My dad was beaming with pride when I graduated with my degree in engineering. I wanted to be a HVAC contractor, but I wanted to be able to design and build specialty HVAC system for homes and companies.  I had all the knowledge I needed to begin working for myself and working with automation systems. After graduation, I was looking into some classes for forming my own company and my dad and I were talking in the kitchen.  Grandpa came in to ask him about work and when he saw me, he walked out of the room. When I began to go after him, dad made me sit back down. He said that grandpa had to decide for himself why he should accept my career decision.  It saddened me to see my grandfather shunning me because I wanted to be in the family business. At first, all I wanted to do was to emulate dad and grandpa and be a HVAC repairman. I realized the importance of the rapidly changing face of HVAC and I knew that I wanted more than a repairman status.  I sat there talking to dad when I saw him look toward the doorway. My grandpa had been standing there listening to us talk.

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