That was what I was getting at

It’s amazing how you can get used to something, even if it’s quite unpleasant! In my lifetime, I’ve had to go quite a few Summers in hot and humid regions without having a/c, and sometimes, I got to the point where any amount of cooling no matter how primitive was legitimately much appreciated! Other than that, I seemed to acweather conditionsd to the heat! When your body gets used to something, it may be jarring when you find yourself in legitimately unusual conditions.

What I am getting at, is that legitimately recently my family had a/c restored to our home after quite a long time without it… As you would expect, all of us were legitimately much looking forward to it.

When the a/c was first installed, it seemed care about my room was the quickest to cool down and remain cool. I found it to be quite refreshing and I was thankful! However, it was a little overwhelming. We never even set the temperature below 68 degrees, and yet I felt far cooler than that! I slept well that first night with a/c, however in the day, I found myself wanting to go outside to thaw out in the heat! I had grown so used to dealing with the natural temperatures from the outside that I particularly felt compelled to walk out there and soak up the warmth! Ultimately, I believe that it is a great thing that less a/c feels care about more for myself and others personally. I can particularly save currency on energy bills in the future by feeling comfortable with more conservative settings on the control unit!


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