A very wonderful decision to make

Every time I check into a motel, the first thing I do when I walk in the room is set my bags down on the bed plus turn on the air conditioner, then most of the time that I first walk into my room, the air conditioner is turned off plus I must turn it on myself. I am sure the corporation just keeps it off to conserve electricity when the room is not in use; From my experience, motels only do this, then hotels seem to have central air conditioning plus heating so having to turn on the unit is something I do not have to do there. I have not had the best luck with motels’ air conditioning units, so I try to be easily picky when it comes time to choose a site to book for a 1-night stay, weekend, or vacation. One time, my family plus I took a road trip down south plus it was a 17 hour drive 1 way. We all got so exhausted that the two of us agreed to stop plus stay at a small motel for the night so the two of us could get a few hours of sleep. The motel the two of us found had 1 room available. Thank God! I am sure the two of us would have found a better motel if it were not so late plus the two of us were not so exhausted, however the two of us settled for this 1. We l earned our lesson. The first thing I did when I walked in the room was turn on the air conditioning unit. Not only do I need it to stay cool, however the noise itself helps me sleep more soundly. I flipped the switch on, off, on, plus off again plus it was completely off. We had no luck in getting it to run plus the two of us were all just so exhausted, the two of us just dealt with it plus went to sleep. Otherwise, the two of us would have had to find a weird motel since there were no other rooms available. That is the last time I stayed at a motel. Nine times out of ten, the air conditioning units in my motel rooms I have stayed in did not toil properly. They either did not blow cool enough, they leaked, or they just did not even turn on at all. I will be sticking to hotels from now on for that reason.



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