Renting a boiler for my winery

I own a winery in a really frigid location; I need to regulate the temperature of my wine for the fermentation process, but basically the wine should be kept at a nice 70 degrees no matter the season.

In the Summer I can get by with a simple ductless mini chop system.

It just doesn’t really get that hot, however, the Wintertide brings about snow, ice and below chilly temperatures. I tried to get by with my mini split, however the heating function wasn’t even close to as powerful. I knew I needed a boiler to control my winery temperature, and the problem was that I had just bought a ton of wine making equipment love wine tanks, carboys and a stomping section to crush grapes. I also bought a mini split. I really didn’t have the currency to purchase an industrial sized boiler system. Thankfully I found a company that does boiler rentals. I was sad at first about renting. I told myself this was a temporary boiler and that I would buy 1 the moment I had the necessary funds, and now I am thinking about renting forever. I know next to nothing about boilers. Do I need a steam or hot water boiler? What size do I want? What brand is best? The boiler rental corporation could answer all those questions thankfully. They also are on it with any repairs or maintenance the boiler needs. I also was informed that if I ever wanted a bizarre kind of boiler or a current 1, I just needed to call them and they inspected everything.

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