I don’t like electric space heaters

I really don’t like electric space heaters because they make me really nervous.

I am always really scared of a fire starting in my house and so I never want to use an electric space heater inside.

I guess all of this comes from the fact that when I was a kid, one of the houses on my street burned all the way to the ground and they told us that it was because of a faulty electric space heater in the house. Of course, that was twenty or so years ago now and I am sure that the technology and safety precautions in electric space heaters now are much better than they used to be. However, I’m still really paranoid about having one in my house. I guess when you’re young, those phobias that you develop really last for a long time and stick with you for years to come. My husband wants to get an electric space heater to use up in the upstairs bedroom for whenever the temperatures are really cold outside, but I just won’t let him. He says that it would save us money on our heating bills if I would just stop being so crazy about it. As it is, we have to turn the temperature on the thermostat way up to keep it warm enough in the house at night. Of course, we really only need to heat the bedroom at night because no one is in the rest of the house during the night. So I get his point about the electric space heater. I just can’t bring myself to get one, though. I don’t think I would ever sleep a wink if we had one.


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