A little investment gets the most out of an HVAC system

My dad taught me a long time ago that it’s okay to spend money on quality.

And he certainly modeled that behavior.

Dad made a decent living and we all had whatever we needed. However, dad wasn’t the sort to spend frivolously and he hated the idea of disposable society. My dad spent good money on good products and took care of them. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And the way I treat my HVAC is a great example. Like my old man, I too am more than willing to spend some money to have quality items. But I also get the most from them. I’m still driving a truck I bought nearly 20 years ago. Yet it’s still running because I took care of it and provided the necessary maintenance to get the most life out of it. The same goes with my HVAC. When I bought my home over 2 decades ago, I had to replace the HVAC. I ended up doing a good deal of research which resulted in me purchasing a state of the art HVAC unit. From the very first year, I made sure that HVAC was taken care of. The HVAC tech was there in the fall and the spring to provide preventive maintenance for that heating & cooling unit. I don’t think I ever missed a fall or spring during all these years. And the HVAC is still getting it done. While I will be replacing it when we put this house on the market, I have gotten the very best out of the HVAC due to my investment in preventive maintenance.



a/c representative