HVAC contractor is essential to home building project

If it weren’t for the guy who did the HVAC on our newly built home, I’m not sure that we would have the sort of place we wanted at all.

And I’m not just talking in terms of the HVAC system.

A lifelong dream of designing and building a home from scratch went awry from the start. Yet with the help of that HVAC contractor, we ended up with what we had started out to build. We started all of this off when we sold our home. It was just a place that was too big now that there were no more kids at home. So we made some HVAC and kitchen upgrades and ended up getting a great price for it. We downsized by renting a condo while we finished working with the architect who was designing our home to our specs. After months of vetting general contractors we settled on one who we felt best about. But we missed on this guy. He drug his feet and our project was always on the back burner. Once the structure was complete, we fired him. It was the only thing to do or we were looking at living in the condo with the poor HVAC for like another year or longer. We started interviewing the subcontractors on our own. The first was the HVAC contractor and thankfully, we hit it right this time. Not only did the HVAC contractor listen and make our project a priority, he helped us connect with all the other subcontractors and find a supervisor to help it all come together.


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