Back with the parents includes HVAC upgrade

It had never been used for more than storage so there was a lot of work to do

While I’m lucky that the pandemic passed me by so far with the getting sick part, I’m still a victim of this virus. I was just starting out my career. Having been with my employer right out of college, I was excited to be working in my field. I even had aspirations of one day earning one of those perfectly HVAC controlled offices. However, those dreams came crashing down just three years after they had begun. The pandemic resulted in a contraction in our company. I was one of the last few to be let go. And all I got was a nod to my time with the company and the contact info for unemployment assistance. That meant that I would no longer be able to live on my own because I couldn’t afford my half of the rent. Thankfully, my parents welcomed me back with open arms to the cozy HVAC controlled home of my youth. It was nice to have a soft place to land while I tried to at least get something online to help pay my other bills. My dad suggested that we fix up the basement and I could live there. Knowing that this is something that he had always wanted to do, I was all in. The basement needed a lot of work along with a viable heating & cooling solution. It had never been used for more than storage so there was a lot of work to do. But dad was recently retired and I had plenty of time on my hands so we knocked it out quicker than either of us thought possible. It’s a great spot and even has its own ductless HVAC so it’s really comfortable.
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