Roommate sincerely doesn’t care about air quality

Pretty sure this isn’t new news… living with people sucks.

I think we all know that it is difficult to find people who can live in one peaceful residence together without issue. Too many opinions in one house is very real, and it can cause a lot of problems. I think this is most obvious when you start considering your bills and how they will be split. For instance, have you ever tried to talk about the energy bill with your roommate? Specifically, how the heating, cooling, under quality control equipment that you are using in your house needs to be carefully managed to keep the energy bill in check? This is something that needs to be discussed with your roommate before you ever accidentally sacrifice indoor air quality living together. Clearly, if you have a central indoor air temperature control system this gets much harder. You only have one option for indoor temperature and quality with a large HVAC system. As I’ve found, vastly differing opinions about the thermostat settings, heating, cooling, and air quality will often cause a lot of discomfort in the house. If people truly don’t care about keeping up with the equipment to keep up with the air quality, then you get heating and cooling equipment breakdowns and high energy bills. I knew all of this getting into my most recent roommate situation. But I didn’t realize that they would refuse to chip in for air filter changes and professional HVAC appointments because “air quality doesn’t matter.” As someone with severe allergies… I disagree. And now, we have crazy HVAC bills every month with terrible air quality. Only 9 months until the lease is over.