Realizing I need to hire cleaning services

The shop looks better and smells nicer

I graduated college and got a job in my chosen field. I reported to work Monday thru Friday from nine to five o’clock. I struggled with rush hour traffic. I fought to find a parking spot. I spent forty hours per week in a small cubicle starting at a computer monitor. My job wasn’t awful or difficult. I made decent money. However, I wasn’t happy at all. On the weekends, I would travel all over the place looking for finds at antique stores, flea markets, garage sales and estate sales. I like to purchase hardwood furniture that was covered in layers of paint or missing hardware. I can buy these pieces at a low price. I then refinish and fix them and sell them at a profit. I started accumulating a lot of really great furniture. I had so much that I started selling online. My business grew steadily. I finally opened a shop of my own. At first, I attempted to keep my forty hour per week job, run the hop and handle all of the books, cleaning needs and janitorial requirements. It was too much. I needed to make some changes. I quit the office job and devoted myself full-time to the shop. I kept right on as my own cleaning lady for several years. I was hoping to save money but it was stressful. I don’t know how to clean commercial carpets, properly wash windows or handle stains. I don’t have the equipment or the products. Just recently, I hired a professional cleaning company to come in once per week and clean the shop. This has been such an improvement. The shop looks better and smells nicer. I have more time to devote to my business.


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