Keeping up with the HVAC Joneses.

The next time you have your air condition serviced, your home heating system outfitted, ducts cleaned, and vent or exhaust fans vacuumed, along with looking into any new technology like the wifi enabled thermostats and turbine/solar power generated systems, ask your HVAC service provider about any extra parts you can keep on hand and can also install quickly and correctly in case of an emergency.

Winter blizzards, ice storms, rain drenched hurricanes or temperamental tornadic activity can leave you powerless or at the very least, generator reliant until all is restored.

Some HVAC services may be within your scope of “jury rigging” to get you by until your HVAC professional can get to you. Things like the best duct tape, kinds of tap screws, adhesives, patch kits and most flexible duct joints, wire warming and pipe wrap, fan blade and fuses can be stored in one location along with a rechargeable flashlight, headlamp, work gloves, basic tin snips, adjustable screwdriver/ratchet wrench driver, oil lubricant spray and a heavy bristle wire brush could become the new age first aid kit for your home. Ask for a quick demo by your HVAC provider and don’t rely on your own band aid solution to be a solid replacement for your home system. Along with causing more costly repairs, you could invalidate your warranty coverage and face disaster. There is nothing “wrong” with being prepared to handle home fix it’s, but always put safety first. If you think a fix it is out of your realm of comfort, then DON’T attempt it. Simply put, your HVAC service provider should be the alpha service technician. An excellent HVAC provider can provide you a list of within limit DIY maintenance tips you can keep up with. Leave the Jones family to their own game of Risk, please.
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