Making the change to HEPA filters

Making the switch to HEPA filters was necessary. For years I was using a washable filter and it was disgusting. You take the metal coils out of a plastic frame and scrub it under water. You are only supposed to do it for around three months. It is so gross I don’t understand how someone can make themselves do it more than once. Washing the dust, dirt and hair out of a filter that is wet isn’t something I’d wish on my worst enemies. It was totally gross when I did it. I then tried a basic filter that I change out of my HVAC system monthly. That was better since I didn’t have to touch any of the debris. However, I found that my air quality seemed dirty and gross. I was sneezing, coughing and sick all of the time. I then researched that a HEPA filter works even better at catching pollutants before they get into your HVAC equipment. The filter has smaller holes so that it can catch more and needs to be changed more frequently. The cost of a HEPA filter is much more than a typical air conditioning filter as well. It is worth it in the end though. Having a heating and cooling system that is totally clean expands its life and keeps my indoor air conditions fresh. A good working HVAC unit also means the energy bills are lower. I am willing to spend a little more on air filters to ensure I have all of these amazing benefits. I just need to hunt them down when I go to hardware stores.

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