Did you know that HVAC providers also control saunas and steam rooms?

HVAC Saunas That Burn Wood : Like with the prior type of sauna you may have heard mentioned in most places online, this one likewise uses high temperatures in heat all the while keeping the humidity inside as low as it can get it.

  • So be prepared.

Drink water before – hand or bring a bottle or two with you as you enter. The rocks, and the room itself, as a matter of fact, are indeed heated through the wood as it burns. And these amazing saunas would not be possible were it not for the awesome HVAC tech who services my area and installed them in minutes. He was fast. HVAC support is such a blessing for me to have. Saunas of a More Steam – Room Nature & Feel : This one is also worth a brief mention as it has some similarities to the basic sauna you are familiar with. And as mentioned just earlier in this post, this is not a sauna ( but many still call it a sauna as they do not know the difference — so in general mass terms, it has come to also be known as a steam sauna ) . This is just a steam room. It’s humid inside as well as foggy, but it’s purpose is also to create sweat and release it in the human body. And you can anywhere up to 40° C or 104° F, in the most common cases. Either way, you know your body’s limitations — when it feels too hot, or you become light – headed or even dizzy / nauseous, exit.


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