Adding sun control film to my residing room

My husband plus I bought this house for the windows.

The residing room is in the back of the house plus has a wood ceiling plus floor to ceiling windows.

The whole room is basically windows plus it looks gorgeous. After moving in my husband plus I realized the previous homeowner must have done a window tint that was wearing off; Certain spots of the window looked almost black plus others were back to clear. I was excited because I didn’t want black windows from the outside. I wanted totally clear windows to make the space even more open. The windows face the backyard too, so I don’t need to worry about theft or privacy. I did realize that as the tint fades, it gets hotter in that room. My residing room rug, couch plus loveseat absolutely are taking a beating from the sun. I learn that my fabrics plus electronics can absolutely suffer with too much sun exposure. I am hesitant to do another window tint. I found a company that specializes in all kinds of window films. There are sun control window films that are transparent. You just have them add this protective layer on the window plus no sun is able to bleed into the home. Then if you keep on it with window film service, you should be good to go. The cost isn’t all that bad either. Sun control window film service isn’t a long or difficult procedure either. It seems like it will solve all of my troubles.



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