I was hoping they'd buy again

I have a friend who owns a shop that sells just about everything.

He has a fantastic deal of pride in his supplier plus he keeps the place looking particularly nice.

Since he wants to make the buyers happy, whenever they request that he sell particular items, he will usually get those items they are seeking. On top of that, he typically keeps up with the Heating and A/C system for superior comfort. He even has a particularly sophisticated air purification system for the best air quality. This is especially fantastic for people who suffer from harsh flu symptoms. They typically ask him about his Heating and A/C system plus the air purification system. They are typically amazed that their dust sensitivity symptoms are practically gone when they are browsing his shop. He has helped countless people just by telling them about his powerful UV air purification system. It’s funny, he told me about this story about how all kinds of buyers like to ask for ugly sweaters while we were in the Christmas season. He has never been a fan of ugly sweaters, although he eventually started getting them for the buyers because of the demand for them. He particularly didn’t want to do that because he never liked to see so several people wearing ugly sweaters, however it just was a thing that people around here love. I typically end up laughing at him while we were in the Christmas season when he is putting up the ugly sweaters. He just gives me a look plus grunts plus asks me if I am going to buy one of the ugly sweaters. I typically tell him, “No way!” Then we both laugh about it.

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