Taking an extra step to have cleaner, more breathable air in my home

I dealt with a home that did not have the best air quality for the longest time.

It was something that I just ignored on a regular basis.

It went beyond regularly changing my air filters for the HVAC unit, although I admit that I have been forgetful in the past when it comes to that. Dust, dirt, and pet dander piled up as I put off doing a thorough cleaning of the house weekend after weekend due to being so busy and just so tired by the time Saturday rolls around. Before I even realized it, I was having sneezing fits and sinus problems as well as minor headaches. At that point I would do some thorough cleaning, but often, that kicks up the dust and dander as you try to get it all cleaned up. I needed something extra, and I soon discovered that something extra was an air filtration system. I purposed to regularly change the air filters for the HVAC unit, but on top of this, I installed an air filtration device to work in conjunction with my HVAC unit to remove allergens and irritants from the air. I can swear that there is a striking difference in the quality of the air me and my family breathes these days, as a result of the air filtration system I recently installed. The filter’s on the device need to be changed out every now and then as well. When I see the nasty stuff it collects from the air, I am even more grateful for it!


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