Juggling parenting and a home job made easier with HVAC

I’m a work from home mom and my day is super hectic.

I’ve got two kids to take care of, a nine month old and a toddler.

I write articles, make phone calls, and send out emails for my home job. It’s a good thing most of those phone calls are coordinating with other employees and management and I don’t often have to talk to customers. I can never tell when my toddler is going to be screaming in the background. As crazy as my day is, the job that I juggle along with parenting has allowed my family to have nicer things than we would otherwise. Take the new HVAC units we installed recently. We were able to afford a pretty nice model. We most certainly would have had to settle for something considerably less robust without the extra income. When I tell you that the air conditioner is an absolute delight, I’m not exaggerating in the least! It really helps cool me down as I’m running back and forth trying to keep track of my kids and frantically typing on my computer. The heat pump that came with the air conditioning system was really nice too and I can’t wait to break it in for the winter. We will schedule at least one HVAC maintenance visit before then, to make sure everything is running well. It’s nice to have something tangible to come out of trying to juggle a job along with parenting. When I feel that crisp, cool air wash over me, I know that I earned it!

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