Keeping healthy while traveling

My job requires a great deal of travel all over the country.

I am on the road more than I am at home.

I spend countless hours sitting in airport terminals, on airplanes and in meetings and conferences. I ride on buses and in rental cars and sleep at hotels. For the most part, I like this aspect of the job. I enjoy experiencing new places and seeing different sites. However, it can be difficult to remain fit and healthy. I eat a lot of meals in restaurants and my job is horribly sedentary. At first, this lifestyle took a toll on me. I gained weight and suffered all sorts of aches and pains. I wasn’t sleeping well or feeling productive and considered giving up the job. Then, I decided to make some positive changes. I started looking for hotels that include a fitness center. Most often, these fitness centers offer little more than a stationary bike and a treadmill. However, this is enough to get my heart pumping, work up a sweat and burn calories. I also pack my jump rope and resistance bands in my bag. I can always find enough space to figure out a decent workout. If I take the time to thoroughly stretch my muscles and exercise, I feel so much better. I have also changed how I eat. I now bring healthy snacks with me. When I arrive at my destination, I make a point to stop at a grocery store and purchase some fresh fruit. I research the area for restaurants with healthier choices and most often eat salads and steamed vegetables. I drink a lot more water, take vitamins and get to bed on time.


Personal Trainer