Kids Finally Clam Up Over HVAC

What exactly is with my children? Perhaps I have had blinders on these past several years.

But, I don’t ever remember them being so willing to pop off at my wife and I.

Have I somehow given some sort of tacit approval for this sort of behavior? I don’t what it is. My son told me I was stupid the other day. And he meant it. I was stunned and had to do all I could to not confront him as though I would another man. My daughter is no better. She talks to her mother like she is some sort of servant. Again, I have to reign it in a bit on the confrontation. Yet, this just can’t go on any longer. If it’s not nasty comments then it’s complaints about virtually everything. The HVAC in our home is a constant topic of complaint. Nobody is ever happy with the temperature setting in our home. Someone is always complaining about being too hot or too cold. Nine times out of ten it is one of the children. It finally reached a breaking point about a week ago. The kids were standing in front of the thermostat arguing over the setting. I asked them to lower their voices. In unison, they responded by yelling shut up at me. That was it. I didn’t lose control but my temper flared and I got loud. I was intense enough to shut them up and make their eyes go wide. I then moved the thermostat to where I wanted it and sent them to their room. I dared them to leave their room. When I calmed down and had the opportunity to speak with my wife about what transpired, I then followed my words up with action. I lowered the boom and I should have done it some time ago.


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