I’ll Take the Land of the Heat Pump

The cold weather show is now over for me. I am soon to retire from a career that took me to every region in this big country of ours. It has been an awesome ride but I’m not sad that it is coming to an end either. I have lived in so many places over the last 35 years that I feel like I could be a spokesman for the moving business. In fact, I got moving down to an art form. I have remained single so it is pretty easy to pick up and go whenever I have needed to. My company took advantage of that and sent me everywhere. But now, there is one destination left. I was born and raised in the South. I am headed home to the land of the heat pump. All that sunshine and heat are going to be a welcome respite to all the cold weather I have endured. The last ten years or so have all been in the land of snow and ice. So, being able to flip on my HVAC heat pump will be such a welcome exercise. The summers are indeed brutal in the South but the HVAC heat pump is the way to go. It is so efficient in providing cooling comfort throughout the hot weather. But, it has the versatility to effectively heat my home during the winter months. Winter might be a strong word. I’ll be living in an area where the heat might need to be on a dozen or so times per year. However, I will be darn glad to have that heat when it does get chilly.


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