Smart move as we changed to a smart thermostat

I got to my house & went straight to bed. It was only later that I noticed I had been too exhausted even to change out of my ordinary work clothes. I worked as a waitress which was decent enough as it paid my bills & covered school. Sadly though, this meant having to work long hours, which were brutal. Luckily, I had requested my boss to allow me to do my exams for a week, & he agreed. In addition to this, my parents sent me some cash to help me out, & I could finally get some sleep. In the morning, I knew something was odd because the house was suddenly cold. It seemed the A/C unit wasn’t blowing in a reasonable amount of heat into the house like it had the night before. The temperature swings were worrying because it was Winter, & not a single person wanted to stay in a cold house. I went to check the thermostat & noticed it had an error mark. That meant it was defective, & I had to call on an A/C repair person to repair it. The HVAC corporation was situated a few hours from the house, which made it straight-forward for the HVAC professional to get there in a good time. He had to turn off the heating plan before he could work on the thermostat. I explained to him the house had been warm the previous night & freezing that morning. The HVAC plan had an outdated thermostat which was proving cumbersome to repair. After a few trials, the A/C mechanic recommended adjusting it to a more modern version. The smart thermostat would cause me fewer problems with the heating in the house, plus I could control it using an app on my cell phone. It was the best news since I consistently wanted to turn on the central A/C before getting home. That way, the house could be warm or cool when I got inside.
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