My apartment does not have heating or cooling

I live in an entirely big town that experiences dire chilly weather in the winter time months and harshly warm weather in the summer months.

Right now it is the middle of the summer and I cannot wait for the winter time weather to come and cool down the city.

I feel like I can’t escape the heat and it’s almost miserable every afternoon to walk outside of my house. I don’t like feeling like this because I love going outside and going on walks every afternoon. Over the past few months it’s been quite miserable. I feel like every time I leave my home I’m just searching the town for a store or pizzeria that has air-conditioning. I will go on my long walk but just stop in the doorway of a bodega so that I can get some a/c. I know it seems ridiculous that I go for walks just to stand in a store with air conditioning, but it is entirely the only way to survive in the town in the summer. I don’t like to leave my home in the winter time months either when it’s so chilly outside. but For some reason it’s much harder for me to adjust to the warm summer weather. I don’t have an HVAC in my home either so I think that’s also a factor of why I like walking around and trying to find HVAC in the city. My friends think it’s ridiculous that I don’t have a heating and cooling proposal in my apartment, but they just don’t think how overpriced it is to find a condo in the town with heating and cooling.

Central heating