HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

My family and I love our dogs like they are part of the family.

We like to include our two dogs in all family activities, and we work hard to make sure they live comfortable lives.

Unfortunately, however, pets tend to wreak havoc on our HVAC system. Pet hair, dander, dirt, pollen, and debris that our dogs bring into our home all accumulate to put stress on our HVAC system. Here are a few things you can do as pet owners to help prolong the life of your HVAC system. The first thing that pet owners should do to maintain their HVAC system is change the air filter frequently. All of the dirt and debris that dogs bring into the house will eventually clog your air filter, which will impede the airflow throughout your house. Most HVAC professionals recommend changing your air filter every 30-60 days, especially for pet owners. Another thing pet owners should do to benefit their HVAC system is to clean your air conditioner vents often. Pet hair loves to build up behind air vents, and it is important to periodically remove the vents, and clean out the pet hair trapped inside. When your vents are free of blockage, your air conditioner can operate much more efficiently. Another thing pet owners can do to improve the efficiency of their HVAC systems is to vacuum often. The debris that pets bring into the house can become trapped within carpet, and gets redistributed throughout the house through the HVAC system. Bathing your pets frequently is the number one way to prevent them from bringing the outside debris in with them.

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