How to save money on energy bills this summer

My family and I live in a warmer climate.

During the Summer months, my air conditioner is crucial to my family’s comfort.

Unfortunately, however, running an air conditioner all summer long can become expensive, but going without air conditioning is not an option for me and my family. In order to try to reduce the cost of my energy bills each month, I have changed a few things. One of the first changes I made to cut energy costs is installing a smart thermostat with zone control. A smart thermostat is connected to the internet, and can be controlled via an app on my phone, tablet, or computer. By programming and automating the thermostat, I have been able to use less energy to heat my home. Zone control is the ability to direct the flow of air throughout my house, so that my HVAC system is only treating the rooms I desire. By not using air conditioning in vacant rooms, I am able to use even less energy to keep my home comfortable during the summer. Installation was quick, and non-invasive. The smart thermostat simply replaced my traditional thermostat, in the exact same spot with the same wiring connecting it to my HVAC system. Zone Control is achieved via a series of valves that were installed in my existing ductwork. If you are looking to cut down on energy costs this summer, contact your local HVAC company today to see if a smart thermostat and zone control are right for you, your home and your family during the summer months.


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