My winter skincare secret

All of the dry, chapped patches had disappeared, and looked clearer than ever

Every winter I have become used to my skin becoming dry and chapped from the cold, dry weather. I have tried all kinds of moisturizing products in order to keep my skin from breaking out in dry patches, from lotions and creams, to oils and even things like collagen supplements, but no matter what I rub on my skin, I keep finding dry, cracked patches all over my body during the winter. A couple weeks ago, however, my neighbor was telling me how she uses a humidifier during the winter for her skin problem. I figured that I’ve tried everything, so I might as well try a humidifier too. Humidifiers work by releasing water vapor into the air in your home. Humidifiers come in two main categories: there are portable units that can be plugged into any room in order to raise the humidity in that room, or they can be installed in-line with your existing HVAC system in order to treat the entire house. I decided to go with a portable unit, since it required less of an initial investment. After the first couple of nights, my skin had been more smooth than ever. All of the dry, chapped patches had disappeared, and looked clearer than ever. For the rest of the winter, I wasn’t experiencing the symptoms that I typically would every winter. This year, I am opting to have a permanent humidifier installed, so that the moisture is maintained throughout my entire house. If you are struggling with dry skin in the winter, talk to your HVAC professional to see what kind of humidifier is right for you!



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