Sandi doesn’t want to update the thermostat

I’ve been trying to convince my wife Sandi that both of us need to update our thermostat control unit; The control device that came with our lake house is old.

It’s one of the traditional, brass, dial control devices that came in every lake house built in the 60s.

It may have worked well enough back then, but it barely works now. The only way to learn what the temperature is is to squint your eyes hard and try to attempt to see what number the dial is on. If it’s dark, then you can just forget about looking at the temperature because you won’t be able to see what the temperature is. Sandi thinks that both of us need a new Heating plus A/C plan before we pay to update our old temperature control unit. I see her point, but both of us can’t afford a brand new Heating plus A/C plan at the moment… We can already afford a new control device though. I also think that a smart thermostat device would help our old Heating plus A/C device run more efficiently. Smart thermostats are really known for programming your furnace and your air conditioning so that it will run based on your heat and your A/C preferences. It finds that the best way to keep your lake house comfortable while running it at an affordable price. Since we aren’t really able to update our Heating and A/C system, then I think that the least both of us can do is spend a few hundred dollars to help out our old Heating plus A/C plan run a little bit better. It would be worth paying more upfront if it means that our current utility bills would be lower. I think that one day, my wife is going to have to agree with me. Almost everyone agrees that a smart thermostat is the very best one out there on the market.


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