I think we should replace our old thermostat

I’ve been trying to convince my partner Dave that we should go ahead and replace our thermostat. Our thermostat that came with our home is so old and worn out. It’s the old traditional, brass, dial thermostat that came in every home built back then. And though it worked back then, it won’t work now. You can’t even see it unless you squint your eyes up hard and attempt to see what number the dial is on. And if it’s already dark, you can forget about looking at the temperature control. You can’t see the thermostat at all. Dave seems to think that we should buy a completely new HVAC system first before we replace the thermostat, but I don’t. I mean, I can see his point, and we can’t really afford a brand new HVAC plan at the moment. We could easily afford a new thermostat though. I also think that a smart thermostat would help our old HVAC device to run more efficiently, and smart thermostats are known for programming your gas furnace plus your cooling system to run based on your family’s heating plus air conditioning preferences. It somehow finds the best way to keep your home comfortable while running at an affordable pace. Since we can’t really replace our HVAC system, the least that we can do for the HVAC system is spend a few hundred dollars to help our old HVAC plan run better. In my opinion, it would be worth paying more upfront if it meant our energy costs would be lower later on. I think that one day, Dave will have to just agree with me. A smart thermostat is the best on the market.

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