I’m the only one who controls the temperature in our house

I had to go away on a business supplier trip last weekend, and so I left our partner with a bunch of lists. There was a list of food items along with a meal plan and a list of basic household things that he should know about. I trust my partner and I do understand that he’s a grown person who can take care of himself. But I really wanted to make sure that he was comfortable and prepared while I was gone. But of course there was something that I forgot to tell him about. That was the thermostat and temperature control settings; we have a smart temperature control as well as it controls our A/C during the hot summer months. We wanted something that would run as efficiently as possible… For some reason, I was the only one who got the corresponding app to my phone whenever the HVAC company came to install the smart temperature control. And this means that I’m the only person who controls the A/C settings with my phone. All of us also have the smart temperature control settings locked so our teenage children won’t change the temperature on us. As soon as the phone left the house, our smart temperature control recognized this. It turned down the temperature on the A/C since it thought that I was gone to work. It thought that I didn’t need as much cool air to keep me comfortable, however my partner didn’t realize what was happening until I was already on our flight. The house was hot and humid! So whenever I landed, I had 20 missed calls regarding the A/C at our house.

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