A cleaning crew swept dust plus dirt into my Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C floor vents

When you are so tied up with your labor that you forget you have delicious food in the freezer, you have to recognize that it’s getting bad.

I officially can’t make a quart of ice cream last longer than 1 week, but I’ve got a carton of rocky road in my freezer from over two months ago.

There’s little motivation to snack on sweet treats, to go out plus have fun, or to watch anything on TV that I enjoy. More often than not I am taking my labors to my beach home with me at night to avoid longer hours in the office the following day. I hate that I forget to mow my sod, but at least I have hired a landscaping supplier to take care of that when I can’t. Despite this, I never believed I would become so lackadaisical with my cleaning around the house. But I could only handle so much of this after I started sneezing uncontrollably because I kicked up dust from behind my sofa while looking for the remote. These are sites in my home that I haven’t cleaned in over 1 year plus it all looked horrible. I figured hiring a cleaning supplier would solve my issues, but they simply swept the dust plus dirt into my baseboard vents for the central heating system. I found that my heating system filter was seriously dirty right after they left that day. Then there was all of the crud inside my vent once I removed the cover. Needless to say I did not hire the cleaner again plus I made sure to leave a disadvantage review on the internet. It took me over 2 hours to wash all of that dust, dirt, plus lint out of my heating system vent. I hope I don’t need duct cleaning if enough of it got all the way to my heating system filter. This is beyond unacceptable.

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