Getting comfortable at the gym

When I first decided that I wanted to lose weight, get fit and improve my health, I decided the best way to go about it was to join a gym.

I went online and researched the different facilities in my local area.

Their websites provided a wealth of information. I was able to take a virtual tour, look at the schedule of the group classes and get prices. After debating the pros and cons, I chose the gym located on my way to work. I figured this would be convenient and give me a better chance at succeeding at my goals. I filled out the necessary information and handled the payment and registration process completely online. I was so excited about becoming a gym member that I went shopping. I bought a new wardrobe specifically designed to allow freedom of movement and wick away sweat. I spent quite a bit on a really good pair of sneakers. I also treated myself to a new water bottle and sweat towel. I was all ready for my first morning at the gym. It wasn’t until I stepped through the doors that I became horribly intimidated. I realized that I didn’t know how to properly utilize the equipment. Everyone else at the gym looked like experts, and I felt very self-conscious. I nearly turned around and walked back out. Instead, I forced myself to get on the treadmill. I knew that I could figure out how to operate the treadmill. Although I only managed to run for ten minutes before I had to slow to a walk, I didn’t get discouraged. I kept at it and steadily increased stamina, pace and distance. I also paid attention to other gym members and learned how to use the other equipment.